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Hotels of Kaluga. Hotel Kaluga
Hotel Kaluga 3 звезды Hotel Kaluga
from 3500 RUR
1, Kirova street, Kaluga
Victory square, Gostinyj dvor, railway station
Hotels of Kaluga. Hotel Intermashotel
Hotel Intermashotel 3 звезды Hotel Intermashotel
from 2700 RUR
12 Promyshlennaya street, Kaluga
K.E.Tsiolkovskij museum , museum, Troitski chearch
Hotels of Kaluga. Hotel Priokskaya
Hotel Priokskaya 3 звезды Hotel Priokskaya
from 2800 RUR
32, Suvorova street, Kaluga
K.E.Tsiolkovskij, Gostinyj dvor, railway station
Hotels of Kaluga. Hotel Oka
Hotel Oka 2 звезды Hotel Oka
from 2000 RUR
41 Teatralnaya street, Kaluga
museum, Dvoryanskoe sobranie, railway station
Hotels of Kaluga. Hotel
Hotel  4 звезды Hotel
from 3950 RUR
Hotels of Kaluga. Hotel
Hotel  2 звезды Hotel
from 1500 RUR
Hotels of Kaluga. Hotel
Hotel  3 звезды Hotel
from 3000 RUR
Hotels of Kaluga. Hotel
Hotel  3 звезды Hotel
on request

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